alvin2ALVIN THOMAS, a participant in the Interfaith Works/Community Vision programs, was the recipient of the first two Art For The People scholarships from the Judith Graebner Educational Fund. Donors have included Community Ministries of Montgomery County and Congressman Albert Wynn. Mr. Thomas enrolled in two art classes at Montgomery College. Art For The People also organized a show and sale of Mr. Thomas' work at the Kefa Café in downtown Silver Spring. Art For The People was saddened by Alvin's death in 2011. Montgomery College and Kefa Café in Silver Spring both had exhibits of his work in early 2012.









We are saddened by the death of Amdy Adje in 2013. Amdy was a talented artist from Senegal who studied at the Sorbonne in France. He studied art throughout his life and attended the weekly Art For The People classes at Community Visions. In his last years he had a studio at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center. 






N STREET VILLLAGE - Washington DC, Shelter for Women


Artists Fritzie Seidler and Melinda Furch worked with residents making beads, paintings and panels, and decorating hats.